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Cardamon Shortbread

All food has a place in my belly but there are a few ingredients that genuinely make me happy; Cardamon is one. The quest to create the perfect shortbread recipe has seen many shades and consistency but I think the nail has been truly hit on the head. These pale crunchy fellas take your mouth on a bit of a journey, first the texture shatters on your teeth before melting into sweetness with the zing of lemon and settling somewhere in India with the warmth of vanilla and cardamon taking over. Reminds me of asking my wife Natalie to marry me on the balcony of our apartment, (I use the term loosely), on the coast of Arambol in Northern Goa. Sounds romantic doesn’t it but the proposal had been delayed by five nights due to a horrendous bout of food poisoning casting out any illusions of dignity. As I summoned the strength to go down on one knee as the sun bleached the skies orange as it bid adieu dignity evaded me once more as my sarong dropped to the floor exposing my posterior to our Israeli neighbours. Winner. Anyway, the cookies…….

They don’t last long in our house and are so stupidly easy that you can always whip them out if you have people dropping in for a cup or Rosie.

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