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Fig and Rose Frangipane Tart

Last weekend was lush. Along with the usual running around to kids parties and trying to keep the house from imploding from the chaos that is our family I managed to get some time in the kitchen. I busted out some new recipes, refine some old ones, and got to test out my new tripod. Awesome


I started playing with this recipe a few months ago but think I’ve got it nailed now. I desperately wanted to include fresh figs but the leathery skin isn’t particularly palatable. I decided on adapting it to include a layer of homemade fig jam underneath the frangipane and include the flavours of middle eastern sweets; orange blossom and rose water.

figs and rose

If you were in a pinch you could seriously reduce the prep time by picking up some ready rolled sweet shortcrust pastry or, for you purists, you can find my sweetcrust recipe here. You could also buy the jam but it’s too easy not to give it go. (I had 300g of figs left over from the shoot so I flambeed them in honey bourbon and then macerated in an equal weight of sugar for 10 minutes. It WAS incredible. Notice the past tense.)

I’m a bit proud of this one! You should try it and you will understand why. My Fig and Rose Frangipane Tart is only a click away. It’s like tripping over while carrying a tray of baklava, jam and bakewell tarts and landing in a huge pile of delicious.

Fig and Rose Frangipane

Nom nom nom


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