Harissa "Chicken" with Lemon Cashew Feta

Harissa “Chicken” Fattee with Lemon Cashew Feta

Hey Fattee Boom Boom! So going back through some of my old favourites, giving them a twist to make them healthier, plant based, but still kick you around the chops with flavour, I had to give this a quick tune up. Okay so this isn’t a classic Fattee because I have subbed the chicken with the frozen vegan quorn chicken pieces (but you can use tofu, seitan, or leave out completely) and there is no layer of pitta for the carb conscious lot but it is insanely Moorish. (Bad pun intended, sorry) The cashew feta turns it into another beast and softens the spices. I have used Asparagus and Sweet Potato here but you can substitute for almost any veg you have lying around and make it look intentional.

Chuck it together and bung in the oven. Prepped in 5 minutes and can feed as many as you like. This fills a large baking tray. Check out my recipe for Harissa Chicken Fattee.

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