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Making Tofu

I know what you are thinking…. “Tofu doesn’t taste of anything!” I’m sorry I got to call bullsh*t on that noise. What you mean is the tofu you tried didn’t taste of anything. I agree, if you eat it straight the pack or in a restaurant where they don’t know how to give this protein power house some minerals then yeah, it doesn’t taste of much. However, I’m here to tell you that you need to make tofu your friend. Soya is such a killer bean that solves so many culinary and nutritional issues it’s unreal.

Science time people. The human body needs 20 amino acids in order to have a complete protein. There are 20 different amino acids in the body. We make 11 ourselves, and remaining nine we need to get from food. Every amino acid plays an role in building protein structures in the body keeping your immune system strong, digest food, muscles flexed and luscious hair. Okay, so I might not have been getting enough before hence the solar panel on my head. Unlike carbs and fats we hold on to these for longer so not every meal needs to tick all boxes and the complete proteins come out in the wash. However, if you want to ensure every day is balanced. Smash some soya beans in your face or mix up beans and wheat and you are there. PB on toast. Easy!

So you can go grab a pack of tofu from the shop and slam it in a marinade ooooooor if you want to feel true cooking satisfaction follow my recipe for pure soya milk or one step further to some seriously tasty tofu. Hit the recipe link for making tofu HERE

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