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Scrambled Tofu Sub

I was consulting on a menu where the client really really wanted to still offer eggs because 1) They loved them and 2) They thought the clientele would not be happy to not see it on the menu. I told them to give me 5 minutes and hit their kitchen with a mini french stick, a pack of silken tofu, and a couple of spices and put this in front of them. Eggs were instantly struck from their menu.

Give this a go. Scrambled tofu scramble is the one!

Eggs and honey were the two things I had the least amount of issue with when moving away from animal products as I was always of the opinion that the hens, if free range, were happy to shoot out an egg for your breakfast or baking needs. I then looked past production of the eggs themselves and discovered something my naivety had kept me blissfully unaware of. Where are all the boys? Sure there is the odd cockerel but what about the rest? There simply aren’t any. They don’t grow enough meat and obviously don’t produce eggs. All chicks are checked after hatching and if male simply disposed of. In the UK they are gassed but in a lot of places just chucked into a grinder. Check it out. I wish I was kidding. So that’s half of a species that we routinely do away with to have eggs. No thanks. That is why I am so much happier tucking into a tofu scramble which boasts higher protein, more taste, is guilt free.

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