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Seitan Chorizo

Yeah you heard me, Chorizo. My Spanish roots makes loving this sausage deeply ingrained into my culinary palate. I missed it until I found a way of getting close without any harm coming to me or my trottered friends. This has satisfied the hardiest of carnivores I’ve served it to and its deep spice blend will permeate your very being. Ha. Okay, I might be over doing it.

What is Seitan? Seitan is the name given to a dough/mince made from combining a blend of stock and vital wheat gluten. Not one for our Coeliac friends (would probably kill one dead) Takes about 10 minutes to make up and then you bake. So easy. I was going to keep this one to myself but I keep getting asked for the recipe so here it is. My Seitan Chorizo. (Link) Eat it sliced cold with pickles, give it a little fry to release some oils and flavour and knock up a paella or bolognese. Whatever.

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