V Day!

This is a tough post. Please please read on. I shouldn’t be nervous about writing this but it is such a polarizing issue that I was unsure how to approach it. My family don’t understand, some of my friends treat me like a bit of an alien, and the general public think it is just weird. Here goes, September the 14th marks the day I finally went …wait for it….plant based. Shit, I can’t even say it. Okay I’m going not be a pussy about it…..pull yourself together man…..September the 14th marks the day I finally went vegan. There I said it and I can guarantee that almost immediately a few have clicked off and I get it. I used to be the same. Why wouldn’t you eat meat? Oh shit no, I couldn’t give up cheese. What about bacon? The whole thing.

I filmed my pilot earlier in the year and as soon as it wrapped I was already feeling uncomfortable with its content. If you are an avid reader of previous posts you’ll know I am a massive advocate of sustainability, reducing food waste, and trying to ensure animal welfare. Give a f&*k about what you eat sort of stuff. The problem is I was starting to feel like a bit of a hypocrite. I dipped in and out, started checking out some amazing blogs like Sassi’s Voila Vegan and Minimalist Baker, even wrote some courses for vegan dinners, but didn’t commit until a few weeks of utter indulgence on holiday in France, the cheese capital of the world. I even took apart half a cow on the kitchen table with a lovely Parisian old family friend from the village. I came back and I was done.

Look, do what you want. We are so so lucky to be able to do just that. Huzzah! I hope you have been enjoying the recipes, you might not have even noticed that they have been 100% plant based for the past year. I know how turned off people are as soon as you say the V word so you won’t find it splattered all over the site but I wanted to write this post to date stamp the recipes from before (omni) and after (vegan.)

I’m not going to preach but I am happy to tell you why I made the choice. Really you could pick any one of these but I needed all of them to give a steely will. I’m weak. So sue me.

1) It’s better for me. Overnight I’ve literally stripped the majority of the saturated fat from my diet. Got a history of heart disease in the family. My dad died way too young from a heart attack. He didn’t overdo it but was definitely a cheese and red meat kinda dude. If it means my kids get a few more years out of me and avoid what was the worst moment and subsequent years of my life then sign me up. Plus I feel ace.

2) For the planet. I love a hack. Want the easiest one to reduce your negative impact (carbon footprint, contribution to greenhouse gases, etc) on the a planet that is running out of resources? Drop the animal products. Check the data. Growing population = more food needed. Not enough land = clearing more land for animal agriculture = more greenhouse gases. Farty fart fart.

3) For the furry things. I grew up on a dairy farm. Go figure. But you know what, I know what good husbandry of animals looks like. This is not what is happening on an industrial scale that ends up with you getting 4 pints of milk for a £1. It’s just not.

4) Watch this. Let’s chat…… (comment below)

That’s it thanks for reading. I feel much better

Stu x